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Synology NAS

Mount a photo-folder to the shared folder

Normally, Synology Photos only displays pictures under /volume1/photo. To show pictures e.g. from a OneDrive synced folder under volume1/OneDrive/Bilder, you have to bind-mount the location:

mkdir /volume1/photo/OneDrive
sudo mount --bind /volume1/OneDrive/Bilder /volume1/photo/OneDrive

For a persistent mount, even after a restart, add a task over the task-scheduler with the mount command. It's important to use the user root for the task, otherwise no sudo permissions are granted.

Make sure to give the application SynologyPhoto at least Read permission for the volume1/OneDrive/Bilder folder. Otherwise the pictures will not show up.

Eventually you have to trigger a reindex after the first mount.